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”Karneval” for Indiska 2011, porcelain collection, napkins and gift card

For the Karneval collection the aim was to capture the swarming crowds, the contrasts and the link between man and animal. Only in India can a cow surprise a sun bather on the beach with a morning kiss on the neck – and get away with it.









INDISKA karneval gift card – support PEACE TRUST.

Indiska has for many years supported the organization Peace Trust in India. Over the years, the support has gone into Peace Trust’s vocational school, women’s group and student home for girls.
The Women’s Group project follows the maxim “Work gives independence”. Women make postcards, bags, storage boxes and various trinkets, from patterns that Indiska’s designers in the head office in Stockholm supplies for them. The project engenders hope and pride, and a chance to support themselves and their families.






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