”Things”, är namnet på ett projekt (2013) där en lampa användes för att lyfta fram utvalda favoritobjekt tillsammans med deras betydelse för ägaren. Vad väljer vi och vad berättar våra val om oss? En digital tävling utlystes i samarbete med Chen Karlsson. Resultatet samlades i ett ständigt växande virtuellt galleri av lampor och ting på Chen Karlssons FB-sida. Material; teckning och text Ellen Karlier, Tina Karlsson med flera.







”There’s no zoo in the place where i lived in, I would like to have my own so my favorite animals could have their party every day thats my favourite!” Phoebe, Hong Kong


If I had a lamp of my own I would put a little red plastic astronaut inside which my husband once brought me from a flea market near Noscow. The red is already a bit faded and you can hardly read the letters CCCP anymore but I love it anyway.” Judith, Germany


”The Favorite Thing lamp will keep the wonderful memory I had and the best that is yet to come. It will be an important element in my living place, a small space that shares/creates lots of stories. ” Ruby Hsu, Taipei, Taiwan


”I would have covered the bottom with a lawn, with a blanket in the middle. Then it would look like a park with a picnic. A dog and a doll throwing a frisbee. A sunny day out” Kenny, Sweden


”I would like to put unusual funny things in the favourite things lamp because I like humor .
And that’s what put a smile upon everybody’s face. warm regards” Ellen, Belgium


”I would put in my (RIP) grandmother’s 3 little glass bluebirds. I would put in my (RIP) mom’s post it notes with her handwriting. I would put in the 2 origami cranes I made my husband when he proposed. I would put in my daughter’s birth bracelet & booties. I would put in my husband’s sobriety chip. I would put in decades of love.” Susan, USA

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