”Chinese girls” for Chen Karlsson 2008, pillows and textiles

Wrestling girls, bathing girls, thinking girls. Chinese Girls is a pattern to highlight the girls and their stories, a contemporary update to complement the traditional Chinese “100 Boys” ornament.

”Dinner stories” for Chen Karlsson 2010, table cloth

Noble aristocrats sweeping pass hugging apes and children on blue carpets. Mystic symbolism and historical subjects are weft into illustrations from a familiar everyday life. All illustrated on a durable oil cloth for everyday use.


”Karneval” for Indiska 2011, porcelain collection

For the Karneval collection the aim was to capture the swarming crowds, the contrasts and the link between man and animal. Only in India can a cow surprise a sun bather on the beach with a morning kiss on the neck – and get away with it.


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